FAQs Trade Essential Oils

FAQs Trade Essential Oils.

‘Please read our FAQ’s below as they provide answers to all of the common questions we are asked.

If you cannot find the answer, please use the link at the bottom of the page to contact us’

New update on banned products in cosmetics after 23rd August 2019.  See Link

Please note we do not take orders or payments over the phone.

What is the difference between Full strength Fragrance Oils and Fragrance Oils?

The full strength is uncut so with the candle making fragrances you would need say 10% by volume and the Full Strength only about 3% by volume, most customer use the candle making fragrances.

The reason customers use the F/S is because they are also using them for reed diffusers and some in cosmetics so saves them buying 2 different strengths, we do not give out any formulations.

All the SDS, IFRA, Allergens and the CLP etc. are available when you purchase our oils on our one drive and you get a link to this on your complete e-mail sent after ordering. Derek MD


Do you supply the SDS & CLP documentation?

Yes please check this link CLP & SDS.


How much will the SDS, IFRA Allergens & CLP cost for our blends that we make up from mixing your product. Please See Our Costing’s.


Are your White Rose labelled products tested on animals or contain any animal derived products..

Please read this statement. White Rose. Our Animal Testing Statement.


Are your oils Phthalate free.

Please read this statement about this very confusing issue about them. Phthalate Statement


What is the difference between the full strength oils and the candle making oil.

The full strength are classed as un-cut so using the full strength you may only need 3% by volume of melted wax and with the candle you may need 10% by volume.

All our oils are Paraben free.


How quick is your delivery from ordering?

Please see this link. Delivery.


What is the process getting contract filling done? 

Please see this link. UK Contract Bottling Filling.


Why have we been asked from your company to have our address and postcode be confirmed?

When World pay & PayPal send us a unconfirmed address notice then this delays your order as we have to have this confirmed by e-mail to reduce fraud.

The main reason is you need to put the card holders billing address in the Billing details part, remember if you have moved addresses then you need to up-date all your accounts.

Also best to always check if using auto fill that your details have been put in correctly.


Why does it say you have not got £70 in your cart when we have?

Because you have clicked on the delivery tab so that then shows to you the cart with more than £70 but you must have over £70 sub total ex VAT of goods without the delivery costs.


Do we do better prices on larger orders?

Free delivery on orders over £350 ex VAT. UK Mainland Only.
If your wanting to order more than largest quantity listed on site of a single product then contact us for any price breaks.

e.g. We do 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 KG price breaks on most products listed.

Quotes to price breaks are to be paid on Pro-forma invoices to be paid by (Direct bank payments) These are only valid for 7 days of quoting and if the stock is  not made up here a 10 working day lead in time may occur, always ask first!


Do you give credit, and could we open a credit account?

No, not even if you have used us for a long period.


What is the cost of your labelling service and how does this work?

We have a setup charge of £50 + vat for each label template (Note a label template covers all the products in that category and size from 10ml to 100ml not 5ml.) I you order on your own label larger sizes then these come with our label as these need the CLP info on.

All orders will need to be a minimum of 10 units of the same product & size.

Prices are the same as on site but we do price breaks starting for each product 50 units up-to 1000 units or more so please ask.

We do state that this service is only available if you have a retail outlet like doing trade fairs, markets, retailing from a shop or online.


What information do you need for the label design? 

If you need a water mark or a logo put on your labels then we need this in a PNG format; also the font needed and what type of products you are going to buy from us. We can also let you send us your own design but, remember the template size is 35mm high X 69mm wide (landscape) or 35mm wide X 69mm high (portrait).

Please note: We only do labels to the variant’s shown on site up to 100ml.



What blends do you do?

We can make up any blend of your choice with the products listed on our site (250ml minimum size made up) so all you have to do is e-mail us with your blend. We need the amount of each oil and the base oil or creams etc. in mls for liquids or grams for solids for the full blend adding up-to 100mls or 1000mls then we will price that up for you and, if you do want this we then send out a pro-forma for payment. All blends must have cosmetic compliance if going on the skin, or we need a disclaimer from you stating that we are not responsible for the use of the blends we have made up for you. This is OK, as Trading Standards state, but remember you could be sued if someone had a allergic reaction if you have not got your cosmetic compliance certificates. The risk is really too great.


Do you do Organic Products ?

No because the plants are grown in organic soils then they cover the ground with straw, sacking or plastic sheets then spray the crops so the soil has no residue of what has been sprayed on them. Is this truly Organic!


Do you do samples?

Yes. If you need some you can buy them on our retail site, here on the below with this site we have only a £20 min but free UK mainland delivery  if you  spend  over  £35.

Please do not ask us to send samples at these prices listed on this trade site.

We recommend this before buying large amounts on this site to do your testing. Please look at our terms & conditions (1b) (important if buying more than the smallest size listed)



if your answer is not listed in the FAQ’s above get in touch using our contact form here.