SDS, IFRA, Allergens & CLP-Regulations: COSTINGS.

SDS, IFRA, Allergens & CLP Regulations: COSTINGS. We charge for making your own blend SDS etc. a starting price of £7 so if you have 2 oils mixed then that would be £7 then for each oil after we charge a further £7 up to a max cost of £35 regardless to how many oils you have in your mix. We do bulk quotes so please call us regarding this. All prices quoted are ex VAT.

SDS, IFRA, Allergens & CLP Regulations: COSTINGS.

So, to clarify a blend of 2 oils will only be £7 as we have the first oil already in the system, so a blend of say 3 oils would be £14 etc.

So now if your using wax we must put your blend into our Data Essence with the wax ratio again to get the SDS, CLP info for your blended mix that’s to be now mixed with your wax, this costs just £7.

All our SDS have the IFRA, Allergens and the CLP for this price.

Please note the old Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) have not been legal documents since 1st June 2015 so with us having Data Essence installed we produce the new Safety Data Sheets (SDS) in-house so you are fully UK & EU compliant. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are required by the REACH Regulation.

SDS, IFRA, Allergens & CLP Regulations: COSTINGS.

We would need the wax amount in mls so that’s melted wax.

So, a typical blend would look need like this below for us to put into the system. If possible, please send in a excel file format.

Lime Essential Oil 3 mls

Orange Candle Fragrance Oil 8 mls

Peach Full Strength 6 mls

Wax Non-Hazardous Wax 140 mls

Please note we do need to know if the oils used are full strength, candle making oils, designer type or essential oils, etc.

SDS, IFRA, Allergens & CLP Regulations. COSTINGS

All our SDS have the IFRA, Allergens and the CLP for this price.

All these prices are quoted ex vat and the info will be sent out to you by e-mail as a PDF doc.

We quote on the number of blends sent in one go so bulk prices are more competitive for you. We will quote you then all you need to do is except them,  Sue will send you a pro-forma invoice to be paid into our bank by direct bac’s or to our e-mail address for Pay Pal payment’s.

All products excluding the wax (This will be a non-hazard, if it is a hazardous wax, we then charge a further £7 to put this in our system if not already on it) all other products must be our products for quoting.

Link to update 3 new banned products & what we have done since 23rd August 2019.

Derek MD (Please call us if you need any further info 01482 642 742)