East Riding Wholesalers Ltd was formed in 1996. The company Reg No is 3185090 and Trade Essential Oils

The directors are Derek Long (Managing Director) and Susan Long (Company Secretary). We like to be known to our customers as Des & Sue.

All our 100% essential oils are therapeutic cosmetic grade oils, we guarantee our essential oils are 100% pure as stated on the labels, we also have the true botanical name on all our bottles of essential oils, batch number & date stamped.

We have a vast range of fragrance products for cosmetics, soap, wax melts & candles including creams, shampoo, body bases, lotions.

We do not test on animals and all our products listed do not contain any animal derived products with is ideal for vegan use. 

Animal Dec Water marked

We will not compromise on quality & we believe in fair pricing.

Some oils come from all over the world, we purchase all our products in large quantities, we are able to offer our customers extremely competitive prices and are committed to maintain this reality as from day one.

We supply to a large and diverse customer base, including practising Aromatherapists, Institutes of Higher Education, Chemists, Local Authorities and a wide range of Retail outlets, party planners etc, also we supply by mail order direct or via our secure web site all around the globe.

All orders are bottled on the day of order and our products are bottled on our premises to ensure purity & are date stamped.

Our goods are turned around regularly to ensure that our customers receive quality fresh stock.

For SDS, IFRA, ALLERGENS and CLP information, we send out a link to our one drive storage with all products listed for you to download.

You will get this link after ordering on our outgoing e-mail (COMPLETE)

Contact us:01482 642742


Des & Sue

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