UK Contract Bottling & Filling.

UK Contract Bottling & Filling here at Trade Essential Oils based in the UK in Hessle, East Yorkshire we have been carrying out the service of UK Complete contract bottling & filling for some of the larger companies but also helping the smaller cottage small scale industry for over 30 years.


We do not do crimping on bottles.

We only fill with our own products.

The reason why businesses use us is because we get the products out on time with no minimum amounts, so they are not having to outlay large amounts of their expenditure just to keep those products in stock.

Most other companies expect you to order and wait up to 3 weeks before shipping, also on small contract bottling they have an extra setting up cost that can out weigh the proposal of having this done by them.

Here we do not charge any extras so you can be assured that when you order with us it will be with you when we say (Normally 3 working days).

Also, we do a complete free private white labelling bottling service (Minimum order £300 ex vat on your first order) this again is not so with most contract bottlers, our labels are chemical resistant and can be of full photo quality, this service is all done in-house here in the UK. For more details on having your own label please look here.

We supply all products with batch numbers and keep records for the required 7 years also can place your barcode also bottling date & sell by date on the label.

We believe that looking after the smaller companies like this it gives them time to grow without the large outlay that some bigger companies request.

When e-mailing us please give us as much info (like photos) about the bottle type (glass or plastic), clear, amber, blue etc. closer (cap) type, neck size, how many units and what the product is, are we blending products here before bottling them, your time frame, many just send e-mails saying we need ex 1,000s bottled which is no help to us whatsoever.

The more info we get the quicker we can quote you. Maybe best to call us first to discuss your requirements Tel: 01482 642 742.

We need your Trading name, full address & phone number, without this we do not reply.

Checkout our retail site.


Contract filling and bottling from Trade Essential Oils Yorkshire