100% pure Augeo Multi Clean
Sizes from 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1 litre, 5 litre & 10 litres.

We do not do any deals on this product on larger volumes.

To mix with your own fragrances it will need to be between 15% & 25% so do your own trial tests first.
Use our full strength fragrance or full strength designer fragrance oil.
The reeds soak up the fragrance like a wick and disperses the perfume into the air to fill the room with a good scent. Diffuser bottles, reeds and fragrance are all sold individually.
Fill the diffuser with the fragrance reed diffuser oil and place the reeds into the neck of the bottle. Allow a short time for the reeds to absorb the oil, the reeds can be turned over to speed up the process.

Applications & Functions of Augeo Multi Clean.

Reed Diffusers.
General Air Fresheners.
Fragrance Diluent & Carrier

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