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Coast candle making oils.

Coast candle making oils is a new category to make searching a little easier.

All our fragrance oils are paraben free and not tested on animal also not containing any animal by products so great for Vegan use.

See our Animal testing statement here.

See our Phthalate statement here.

Making Candles & wax melts.
Melt your wax to the suppliers recommended temp, see web site NGIWAX.COM if using Eco Soya Wax as very informative.
By bringing the wax to the correct temp it makes all the wax consistent.
Now before adding your fragrance, you need to know what the flash point of the fragrance is so open our link to our one drive.
This is supplied to you on request by using our contact form giving us your last order number, this will start with a (w).
If the flash point is say 60c then bring your wax temp down to just below that temp before adding your Paraben Free Candle Making Fragrance Oils.
Now add your fragrance to the melted wax at say 10ml fragrance to 90ml wax This ratio is by volume as a calculation.
After making your candle leave for at least a week, some leave for 2 weeks to cure.