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Candle Making Fragrance Oils

Candle making fragrance oils can also be use in wax melt making to the suppliers recommended temp, see web site NGIWAX.COM if using Eco Soya Wax as very informative.
Please Note : These fragrances are not clear in colour.

By bringing your wax to the correct temp it makes all the wax consistent.
Now before adding your candle making fragrance oil you need to know what the flash point of the fragrance is so open our link to our one drive.
This is supplied to you on request by using our contact form giving us your last order number, this will start with a (w).
If the flash point is say 60c then bring your wax temp down to just below that temp before adding your Candle Making Fragrance Oils.
Now add your fragrance to the melted wax at say 10ml fragrance to 90ml melted wax This ratio is by volume as a calculation.
After making your candle leave for at least a week, some leave for 2 weeks to cure.
Our link will also give you the CLP information for candles upt o 10% fragrance in a non hazardous wax.

This also applies when making wax melts using the candle making oils or the full strength fragrance oils.

LABELS are as shown on site.
All our candle making fragrance oils are of high quality. All paraben free. All manufactured in the UK.

Our candle fragrance oils do not contain any animal derived ingredients and we do not test on animals.

The percentage of oil in your wax blend depends on your profit as some of our customers go in at 3% to 15% but most of our customers go in at 8% to 10% so it is up to you to do your own trials. Help with this can be found at regarding getting the right temp etc.

You will see listed that we also sell full strength fragrance oils so using the full strength you would only need to use say 3% against 10% of our candle making oils. We must state that 90% of our customers making candles and wax melts use the ones for candle making.

These oils are made with synthetic or essential oils, or a mixture of both.
Suitable for all candles making waxes. Mix & match to get your own fragrances.
We would recommend you buy and test with a small quantity to see if the oil is suitable for your requirements. If in doubt always test first. We do have a site where you can purchase small bottles to test with first so please call us.
Do not take internally. Not suitable for direct skin use. Do not let the oil come into contact with painted or polished surfaces.

Candle making fragrance oils are available in the following sizes.
25ml are in amber glass bottles with a dropper and black cap.(Please note the 25ml Amber Glass bottles; these vary in height/width)
50ml & 100ml are in amber plastic bottle without dropper.
250ml, 500ml & 1lt in Natural plastic bottles.
Larger units please call.

Please read FAQ’ before ordering. Link at the top of home page.

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